Three lemons

There have been three lemons sitting by themselves in a plain white fruit bowl on our plain white dining table for a couple of days now. There’s so much about them that appeals to me. The simplicity of the single colour. The pleasing nature of threes – so often a winner in pictures, menus and stories. And the obvious culinary appeal – especially at this time of year.

Yesterday I gave up resisting the urge to photograph them. Please forgive (or at least try to understand) my odd citrus obsession.


This is actually the last shot I took. But I think it’s now my favourite. It’s the way they still occupy the centre of attention even when they’re tucked in the corner of the image. It’s like they’re calling to me (which they have been).  “Lemon mayonnaise Rob… we could become lemon mayonnaise.” “Or you could slice us into an elderflower martini?”  “Or marinade some strips of chicken with garlic and chilli for the grill?”


This is the moment at which I gave in and started photographing them. Just a quick snap taken with my iPhone and then given a subtle retro feel with Instagram. I absolutely love the composition and the square/circle shadows in this. And the lemons. Obviously.


This is the more obvious shot. Just clear, light, bright. Three yellow lemons in a white fruit bowl. Plain and simple. 

Let me know if you have a favourite, if you have any sympathy with my lemon obsession, or whether you think we should go for the mayonnaise, the marinade or the elderflower martinis.


3 thoughts on “Three lemons

  1. Much prefer the shot where the lemons are partially hidden. Generally more interesting when you can’t see everything, I think. My own photography is nowhere near good enough so I mostly end up with the safe shot from above. Working on it. Hope you didn’t let them dessicate but judging by the gorgeous dishes on your blog, I don’t think so.

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