Crumbs! Just look at that afternoon tea.


I had the pleasure of photographing a luxurious afternoon tea at Clifton’s Lahloo Pantry earlier this year.
Only just picked up a copy of last month’s Crumbs Magazine (newer edition already out) which includes two delicious pictures from that shoot at Lahloo, both full page illustrations of their “Afters” feature.
This uber-gooey chocolate fondant image is also the wallpaper on the Eat Pictures iPad right now. It has provoked much drooling.
The essential scone. Which in my book, should always rhyme with “gone”. Appropriately enough.

Crumbs is a new monthly publication which aims is to be the most inspirational, practical and spectacular free food magazine you’ve ever seen.  It also has a website which is updated with new food stories more frequently than I make tea. (But not quite as frequently as the staff at Lahloo Pantry make tea.)

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