Norfolk samphire

samphire and eggy bread

Samphire with eggy bread. A combination devised and devoured by the Wicks family on holiday in Norfolk last week.

Norfolk salt marsh

The salt marshes of the north (very flat) Norfolk coast are currently home to about ten zillion acres of marsh samphire.

Norfolk samphire

You can buy little bags of it from tiny stalls in just about every village in the county. Or, when the tide is out, walk out into the marshland and help yourself to enough for supper.


We plucked a couple of large handfuls from the creeks at Stiffkey, snipped off the roots, washed off any traces of salty mud, and warmed it through quickly in a pan with a little olive oil.

samphire mayo eggy bread

The taste is brilliantly fresh and salty. The texture crunchy and bright. And when served with hot slices of eggy bread and a dollop of mayonnaise it disappears in a matter of seconds.

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