Wild garlic flower and Wensleydale salad

Just spent the most amazing hour shooting stills of a beautiful salad with a live audience.

Genevieve Taylor and I were demonstrating and discussing the business of food styling and photography in a seminar hosted by Tim Hayward at the Bristol Food Connections festival.

Blank canvass

Blank canvas. (Genevieve is the only food writer and stylist I know who makes her own props. She imprinted the pattern on this plate with shells.)



Leaves. Lit only by daylight. (Favourite food photography tip of the seminar – use only one colour of light, either daylight or electric light but never both at once.)


cracking cheese

Cracking cheese Gromit. Genevieve visited the Wensleydale dairy last week and brought back lots of the real thing.

She highlighted her preference for crumbled, torn or ripped food surfaces – rather than smooth cuts from a knife. Wonderful contrast as the window light falls across the crumbly texture of the cheese.


up close

Can’t resist the close up.

Genevieve picked the wild garlic flowers from the woods near her home in Bristol this morning.


and relax

And relax.

Somehow we managed to talk a little about our work, answer lots of excellent questions, and deliver this final image within the 45 minutes of the seminar.

Thanks one and all. Especially Kate Hawkings for organising and @t Bristol for hosting.

A lot of fun. And a beautiful salad.

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