Spice yourself slim

Kalpna Woolf launched her new book – Spice Yourself Slim – at a reception in Bristol on Thursday evening.

A large crowd of foodie supporters squeezed into the poolside terrace room at Lido in Clifton. The speeches were generous (and brief), the nibbles (rustled by Freddy Bird and team) were delightful, and dozens of copies of the book were snapped up and signed.

I took my camera along.

KalpnaBookLaunch WebRes-1


KalpnaBookLaunch WebRes-2


KalpnaBookLaunch WebRes-3


KalpnaBookLaunch WebRes-4


KalpnaBookLaunch WebRes-5


KalpnaBookLaunch WebRes-6


KalpnaBookLaunch WebRes-7


KalpnaBookLaunch WebRes-8


KalpnaBookLaunch WebRes-9


KalpnaBookLaunch WebRes-114


KalpnaBookLaunch WebRes-10


KalpnaBookLaunch WebRes-11


KalpnaBookLaunch WebRes-12


KalpnaBookLaunch WebRes-13


KalpnaBookLaunch WebRes-14


KalpnaBookLaunch WebRes-15


KalpnaBookLaunch WebRes-16


KalpnaBookLaunch WebRes-17


KalpnaBookLaunch WebRes-18


KalpnaBookLaunch WebRes-19



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