Food photographer of the year awards

I was delighted to have three images shortlisted in the Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year Awards 2018.

Market Gardener

The market gardener and his rhubarb
All his life Tim Edwards has been growing fruit and vegetables in his Cumbrian market garden. At eighty and in his wheelchair he still sits in the sunshine trimming the freshly harvested rhubarb. Photographed for the Westmorland Family during a video shoot with local jam producer, Wild & Fruitful.  Workington, Cumbria, UK.

Bring Home the Harvest category


School custard

School custard
The bell’s gone. Children are starting to queue outside the dining hall. It’s crumble today. There must be custard.
A school food tradition spanning generations is upheld by Jane Gilmore at Ashton Vale Primary School, Bristol, UK.

The Philip Harben Award for Food in Action


Scabbard Fish, Funchal Market

Black scabbardfish and bait, Funchal
A fresh catch of black scabbardfish from the deep coastal waters of Madeira. This morsel of bait still in the teeth of a dead fish makes for uncomfortable viewing. Even in the fishmonger’s sink, the fight appears to go on.

Cream of the Crop category


The awards reception was held in April at The Mall Galleries in London. My school custard photo was the one that progressed furthest – reaching the very last round in the “Food in Action” category of the awards.

Food Photography Awards 2018-1

It was displayed in the London exhibition, but didn’t pick up the top prize (which went to an incredible image of a chef making pies). ‘Highly commended’ will have to do for this year.

Food Photography Awards 2018-4.jpg

Food Photography Awards 2018-5

Food Photography Awards 2018-6.jpg

Thanks must go to Jane Gilmore, Tim Edwards and the unlucky scabbardfish of Madeira for starring in these amazingly successful images.


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