Steak out

A short food film that I shot at No.38 The Park in Cheltenham. The most incredible steak supper hosted by The Lucky Onion Club. Guest Chef Richard Turner from Hawksmoor London, Pitt Cue and Meatopia. Editing by Will Warr.

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Three summer food films

Our bitesize food film formula is proving particularly popular right now. We’re producing high-impact, uber-short food films for cafés, festivals and foodie events around the UK this summer. Lickable and clickable. . . . If you need more people to get a flavour of your event, venue, recipe or festival – then give us a shout. High impact […]

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Bristol’s Playground menu tasting

My view of the toasted cheese sandwich was expanded this week by James Bridges. He bakes astonishingly good sourdough bread in a little kitchen above the Playground Coffee House in St Nicholas Street, Bristol. He then works some kind of cheese alchemy to create a menu that stretches the horizons of toasted snacks to a new world of meltiness (which is now […]

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Bitesize food films

I don’t properly understand why Instagram is becoming a front runner in social media. We’ve all spent hundreds of pounds over the last decade switching our televisions from square to widescreen. But the smartphone generation seems to be heading back to square one. View this post on Instagram Indian Rasam. A fabulous savoury soupy red lentil dhal. Recipe by @rachel_demuth's cookery school […]

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Bath Ales

It’s been a real pleasure to work with the Bath Ales brewery over the last few months. We produced a set of six different films together – about the brewery, the business and the beer. Obviously a fair amount of research was required – in order to understand and appreciate the quality and flavour of […]

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Ice… Bucket… Action…

I know we’ve all seen heaps of these already. You don’t have to watch it if you don’t want to. But it had to be done, so we shot it in the style of a recipe video… With apologies to Gordon Ramsey. You could donate to the Motor Neurone Disease Association if you like. That’s the […]

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Marmalade Gin

There were no sloes. But there was still gin. We have several uneaten jars of last year’s marmalade. And a recipe from the W.I. for this stuff. Not sure how we’re going to last the six weeks it’s supposed to infuse. At the moment all we’re allowed…

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A bit of mussel

On holiday in Brittany we foraged enough moules for a half decent starter. [Click image for full screen view.] A few too many barnacles for text-book presentation, but they don’t affect the taste. Shallot, white wine, parsley. Heat till they open….

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France. Food. Life.

Part of a set of pictures I took in France this summer. All featuring French people connected with French food. They are, after all, inseparable. (Click images for full screen view.) More of this collection is displayed on Behance.

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