red basil (that’s actually pink)

It was sitting in the sunshine, in a pot, on the kitchen windowsill. I had several million things I ought to be getting on with. But I had to get a camera and try to grab some of the neon glow. It’s called red basil. Everyone can see it’s not red.

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Three lemons

There have been three lemons sitting by themselves in a plain white fruit bowl on our plain white dining table for a couple of days now. There’s so much about them that appeals to me. The simplicity of the single colour. The pleasing nature of thr…

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Anyone for strawberries?

A truly British strawberry tea. I shot and edited this film in HD for Sweet Eve Strawberries. It was produced by Pam Lloyd PR. Food styling, props and vintage kitchen all provided by Silvana de Soissons. (HD version viewable on Vimeo)

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birthday indulgence

My lovely lovely family cooked me two of my favourite summer recipes for an early birthday supper last night. An unbelievably pleasurable meal. pappardelle cream proscuitto parmesan black pepper tomato marjoram chive olive oil red basil salad pav….

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pink sugar sweetness

The prettiest pink highlights from a sweet set of pictures for a new cupcake company launching in Bristol this summer. Delightful. Made fresh to order exclusively by Elizabeth Slater at Taste Good Cakes. They taste as good as they look.

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Proper pigs

This is as free range as free range can be. A hillside woodland in North Somerset. Home to hundreds of trees, acres of undergrowth and a small herd of very happy ginger pigs. There’s a carpet of wild garlic across the whole woodland right now. The…

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Thali Cafe goes daytime

Had the great pleasure of eating at Bristol’s Thali Caf?? this lunchtime. A new lighter, faster daytime menu is being launched – aimed at encouraging more of us to consider an Indian street food approach to our lunch breaks. So busy eating, chattin…

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ginger cake

Photographed this as soon as it came out of the oven. No studio, or lighting set up. Just daylight from the kitchen window and a very nice cake. You can see it’s started to sink a little in the second shot. Not a good sign according to some cook b…

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Lemon Curd Mousse

Surplus of Christmas present lemon curd in the Eat Pictures kitchen cupboards. Folded (yes – with a large metal spoon – not sure it really makes that much difference) into softly whipped cream. And plopped into tea glasses with a messiness that yo…

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Raised pork pie

Made a huge pie from scratch. Unashamedly pleased with myself. Hot water crust pastry. Looks very wrong as you tip molten lard and boiling water into flour. Then becomes pleasingly simple to squish into place – far easier than fussy shortcrust. Pa…

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