Food films


Sharing a story on film is a lot like sharing a good meal.

With a stack of delicious raw ingredients and a lot of hard work in the kitchen we can end up with something beautiful to serve to our friends.

And, much like a good mealtime, storytelling builds relationship and understanding – perhaps better than any other form of communication.


Eat Pictures isn’t just a film production company. I make films about food because it’s what I love.

When we get to know a little of the journey, the background, the farmer or fisherman or baker or chef, the effort and love that went into our supper, then we begin to care about the product more. We value it more highly.

When I serve up a new food film, it’s with the same slightly nervous excitement as when I bring an ambitious new dish to the dinner table. The greatest pleasure in my work comes from those who watch the story and respond with a desire to grab a knife and fork and start eating.


This is a trailer for the Bath Ales Brewery Tour. We also produced a 10 minute mini-documentary telling the whole story of a pint of Bath Ales – but to see that you’ll need to take the tour for yourself. 

The story behind a handmade loaf of bread from Leakers Bakery in Bridport, Dorset.

A moment of chocolate indulgence. This is one of 6 snappy recipe films I made with Viva Strawberries.

Marcus Bean shares his recipes for asparagus soup and asparagus risotto, using British asparagus and shallots

The making of a new cookery school near Bath.

The story of the sunshine that goes into Pink Lady apples.

You can see lots more of my food films on the Eat Pictures Youtube Channel and in the recent work pages of this website.