The Harrington Family Dairy Farm

The wonderful Tebay Services Farmshop on the M6 in Cumbria now sources all its milk from a single local herd of pedigree Friesian cows.
The Harrington family have been dairy farming near Penrith for three generations.
It was an absolute pleasure to spend the day making this little films with them and their cows.

The Harrington Family Dairy Farm from EAT PICTURES on Vimeo.


Bottle of Sauce

Amazing new venue in Cheltenham
Craft beers, cocktails, wood fired pizzas, home made burgers, incredible salads
Table tennis, table football, DJs, heaps of fun
Real pleasure to produce this bitesize film of their launch party


A gastronomic celebration of the British asparagus season

May 2016, Bristol




















Spice yourself slim

Kalpna Woolf launched her new book – Spice Yourself Slim – at a reception in Bristol on Thursday evening.

A large crowd of foodie supporters squeezed into the poolside terrace room at Lido in Clifton. The speeches were generous (and brief), the nibbles (rustled by Freddy Bird and team) were delightful, and dozens of copies of the book were snapped up and signed.

I took my camera along.

KalpnaBookLaunch WebRes-1


KalpnaBookLaunch WebRes-2


KalpnaBookLaunch WebRes-3


KalpnaBookLaunch WebRes-4


KalpnaBookLaunch WebRes-5


KalpnaBookLaunch WebRes-6


KalpnaBookLaunch WebRes-7


KalpnaBookLaunch WebRes-8


KalpnaBookLaunch WebRes-9


KalpnaBookLaunch WebRes-114


KalpnaBookLaunch WebRes-10


KalpnaBookLaunch WebRes-11


KalpnaBookLaunch WebRes-12


KalpnaBookLaunch WebRes-13


KalpnaBookLaunch WebRes-14


KalpnaBookLaunch WebRes-15


KalpnaBookLaunch WebRes-16


KalpnaBookLaunch WebRes-17


KalpnaBookLaunch WebRes-18


KalpnaBookLaunch WebRes-19



Steak out

A short food film that I shot at No.38 The Park in Cheltenham. The most incredible steak supper hosted by The Lucky Onion Club. Guest Chef Richard Turner from Hawksmoor London, Pitt Cue and Meatopia.
Editing by Will Warr.

Three summer food films

Our bitesize food film formula is proving particularly popular right now.

We’re producing high-impact, uber-short food films for cafés, festivals and foodie events around the UK this summer.

Lickable and clickable.




If you need more people to get a flavour of your event, venue, recipe or festival – then give us a shout.

High impact affordable food films that make you hungry.

That’s what we do.

Bristol’s Playground menu tasting

My view of the toasted cheese sandwich was expanded this week by James Bridges. He bakes astonishingly good sourdough bread in a little kitchen above the Playground Coffee House in St Nicholas Street, Bristol. He then works some kind of cheese alchemy to create a menu that stretches the horizons of toasted snacks to a new world of meltiness (which is now a word).

The heat is on

No ordinary toaster.


The second of five courses.

Bite sized

Bitesize portions.

Beer 1/5

Each of five different sourdough cheese sandwiches was matched with a different beer.






Patience required.


Cider rye sourdough, cheddar, Ginger Beard‘s chilli, apple and Severn Cider jelly was paired with Floris Apple Wheat beer.

the real thing

Beer three of five.


Playground customers take the menu very seriously – but not themselves. Board games are available on request. Swings come as standard.


The creative indulgence didn’t stop with the cheese toasties. The espresso, salted caramel and triple chocolate brownie was off the scale.


Sticky fingers unavoidable.


And as for the wild Peruvian chocolate crostini – that’s another story.


Nutella will never be quite the same again.

Bitesize food films

I don’t properly understand why Instagram is becoming a front runner in social media.

We’ve all spent hundreds of pounds over the last decade switching our televisions from square to widescreen.

But the smartphone generation seems to be heading back to square one.


A video on Instagram has to be square. 

And it can be no longer than 15 seconds in duration.

To showcase gorgeous food films effectively on the global platform of Instagram, I needed to create a very different type of movie.



I’ve just produced this first set of Eat Pictures Bitesize food films for Demuth’s Cookery School in Bath, UK. And they appear to be going down a storm. The quality of the food helps. But who doesn’t like the idea of an utterly delicious square meal in just 15 seconds?


If you’d like among the first to have set of Bitesize Food Films for your social media content – I’d be delighted to hear from you. They may be more affordable than you expect. You can get in touch any time.

Bath Ales

It’s been a real pleasure to work with the Bath Ales brewery over the last few months. We produced a set of six different films together – about the brewery, the business and the beer.

Obviously a fair amount of research was required – in order to understand and appreciate the quality and flavour of the products we were filming. It’s a tough job…

The newest of the films I’ve directed for Bath Ales are instructional videos – demonstrating the best way to use three different casks in which real ale is delivered. “How to” films always run the risk of being informative, but dull. So we tried to adopt a little of the humour that characterises Bath Ales’ branding and marketing materials. In particular we developed the theme of the Loyal Hare Force – a loyalty card system for those who enjoy Bath Ales products regularly.

The result was a vintage newsreel effect featuring an magnificent appearance by Wing Commander Richard Dempster.

How to pour 9 perfect pints from a Bath Ales microcask.

My thanks to Richard for playing the part with such enthusiasm. A vintage performance.

The most ambitious film I produced for Bath Ales is a short documentary following the production of their beer from raw ingredients right through to the finished pint in the pub. This “making of” film is shown exclusively as part of the Bath Ales Brewery Tour (an excellent way to spend an evening with friends). But you can get a flavour of the story in this little taster…

Thanks must also go to the whole team at the Bath Ales. They produce an exceptional range of drinks with extraordinary commitment to quality and consistency. And they are an extremely nice bunch of people to work with too.


Ice… Bucket… Action…

I know we’ve all seen heaps of these already. You don’t have to watch it if you don’t want to. But it had to be done, so we shot it in the style of a recipe video…

With apologies to Gordon Ramsey.
You could donate to the Motor Neurone Disease Association if you like. That’s the UK equivalent of ALS.